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Women holding glasses after an Eye Examination



At Look Opticians you will be tested by a qualified optometrist, who will ensure that your vision is thoroughly checked.

However, there is much more to an eye examination than just obtaining a prescription. The optician will check the health of your eyes, both externally and internally and may carry out additional tests. These may include:

  • Visual field screening – checks your peripheral vision

  • Tonometry – checks the level of your intraocular pressure

  • Dilation – drops will be put in your eyes to dilate your pupils, allowing the optician a clearer view of the back of your eye

  • Fundus photography – a digital image is taken of the back of your eye for future reference & comparison

  • Slit lamp investigation – this is a specialised microscope used to examine the front surface of your eye – yellow fluorescein drops may be used with this

  • Keratometry – measures the curvature on the front of your eye for contact lenses

Adults & Children's Eye Examination


At the touch of a button, our specialist OCT technology can generate a 3D wide scan of your eye.


The results from this scan allow our Optometrists to review your eye health in more detail. This means that we may be able to spot potential concerns and start any treatment earlier. We can keep your scan results on file to notice changes over time too.

Upgrade to our Premium Eye Examination for £20. 



Since April 2006, everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free NHS eye examination. For most people this will be carried out every two years, but there are many groups who may be seen more frequently. If you are in any doubt, please contact us and we will advise you how often you should be seen.

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