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Where do we start? Our practice is practically bursting at the seams with all the different types of lenses available! Dailies, monthlies, toric, multifocal, we`ve got the lot! Seriously, though, the range of lenses available is enormous so most people can now be successfully fitted with lenses.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses . If you play outdoor or active sports, for example, your glasses  can be affected by rain or knocked off. Contact lenses remove this problem and allow you a greater freedom. Activities such as dancing, drama, swimming etc can all benefit from wearing contact lenses. Many people also choose to wear contact lenses for special social occasions .

What to consider about Contact Lenses

We don’t want to be negative, but there are some things we think you should know before considering contact lenses! Some people find the lenses “fiddly” to handle, although most people overcome this. We will spend time with you to ensure that you learn how to insert and remove your lenses and know how to care of them – we hate admitting defeat! You must ensure that you comply with the cleaning instructions to prevent problems such as eye infections, etc and some patients find this inconvenient. Whilst daily disposable lenses offer a much simpler solution, if you wear them most of the time they can work out a bit more expensive, although if you are on our care plan and buy in bulk then you can get them from as little as 58 pence per day – please contact us for more details.


We offer monthly direct debit options and exclusive discounts. Click here to learn more or get in touch to join today.

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